Chiara Herzog

Universität InnsbruckUniversity College London

Computational biologist with a background in molecular medicine working on epigenetics, ageing, and disease prevention.

I’m a translational scientist at the intersection of computational biology and clinical resarch at the European Translational Oncology Prevention and Screening Institute (EUTOPS; Universität Innsbruck) and a honorary research fellow at the Institute for Women’s Health (University College London).

My work focuses on the association of epigenetics (DNA methylation) with cancer risk and ageing. I’m passionate about harnessing epigenetics and other biomarkers for risk prediction, early detection, and monitoring of personalized preventive strategies. Currently, I co-lead the clinical TirolGESUND study ( NCT05678426) alongside Prof. Martin Widschwendter (UIBK, UCL, Karolinska). This study aims to assess longitudinal changes in the epigenome and other biomarkers of ageing and disease in response to smoking cessation and intermittent fasting.

As part of the Biomarkers of Aging Consortium Roadmap Group, I actively promote standardisation for research into biomarkers of aging, and I have a special interest in employing more robust methods to advance molecular biomarkers into promising clinical tools for personalized disease prevention.

My work is driven by a commitment to improving healthcare through prevention and enhancing our understanding of age-related disease. I firmly believe that innovative research and collaborative efforts can pave the way for a more personalized and inclusive approach to health.


selected publications


  1. smoking.png
    Cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use induce shared DNA methylation changes linked to carcinogenesis
    Chiara Herzog, Allison Jones, Iona Evans, and 7 more authors
    Cancer Research, 2024
  2. natmed-validation-boa.png
    Validation of biomarkers of aging
    Mahdi Moqri*, Chiara Herzog*, Jesse R. Poganik*, and 26 more authors
    Nature Medicine, 2024


  1. boa-m1.jpg
    Biomarkers of aging for the identification and evaluation of longevity interventions
    Mahdi Moqri*, Chiara Herzog*, Jesse R. Poganik*, and 25 more authors
    Cell, 2023


  1. widqec.png
    A Simple Cervicovaginal Epigenetic Test for Screening and Rapid Triage of Women With Suspected Endometrial Cancer: Validation in Several Cohort and Case/Control Sets
    Chiara Herzog*, Fátima Marín*, Allison Jones, and 28 more authors
    Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2022
  2. wid.bc.png
    The WID-BC-index identifies women with primary poor prognostic breast cancer based on DNA methylation in cervical samples
    James E. Barrett*, Chiara Herzog*, Allison Jones, and 22 more authors
    Nature Communications, 2022