Happy to see our recent collaborative work with the Biomarkers of Aging Consortium appear in Nature Medicine ✨ 🚀

Biomarkers of Aging are highly promising to measure aging for many purposes, but we need to thoroughly validate that they work, and establish how well they work before using them in the clinic. In this emerging field, it has been unclear how to best do so, and how to compare biomarkers that are developed and evaluated in different populations and settings.

Together with Drs. Mahdi Moqri, Jesse Poganik, a team of leading experts, and corresponding authors Vadim Gladyshev, Steve Horvath and Luigi Ferrucci we review the current literature and validation efforts, identify bottlenecks and provide recommendations on how we can make validation studies more comparable.

Teaser - Benchmarking studies, open access data, and open source formulations will be 🗝

Stay tuned for future efforts of the consortium to tackle some of these issues under agingconsortium.com.

Read the paper here: