I was honoured to participate in the Panel “A shared definition of longevity medicine in Italy” at the Milan Longevity Summit 2024 alongside esteemed experts such as Prof. Garrattini and Dr. Bernabei, and follow interesting days with inspiring talks by Profs Barzilai, Horvath, Furman, Longo, and many others. Great chance to refresh my Italian knowledge and load up on delicious pasta, too! 🍝🇮🇹

Thanks to Aeon Foundation and in particular Niccoló Invidia and Nicola Marino for the invitation.

Photos (c) Aeon Foundation / Milan Longevity Summit.

(PS I swear I was much happier than I look in the photos! I was concentrating hard to understand all talks and conversation in Italian, which I hadn't spoken in ~10+ years.)