pint of science 2017

team leader at Edinburgh Pint of Science 2017

Pint of Science aims to bring science to the public, in a “friendly” and relaxed environment: the pub. It’s supposed to take away formal environments typically encountered in lectures and help people understand what groundbreakin research is being done in their city.

I was team leader of the Beautiful Mind Pint of Science Edinburgh event series in 2017 which took place in the City Cafe. It was a great experience bringing together laboratory scientists, geneticists, psychologists, and landscape architects to tackle questions such as how green spaces influence our health and wellbeing, how bilingualism may protect our brain from ageing, and what happens when perception is altered. We also had a guest appearance from Fusion: Art and Neuroscience during the breaks.

All events were fully sold out.


  • Parks and Recreation (I wrote a summary about the event for the EUSci magazine)
    • Prof Catherine Ward-Thompson
    • Dr Paula Brunton
  • Language, the brain and dementia
    • Prof Thomas Bak
    • Dr Lewis Hou
  • Is this the real life?
    • Dr David Carmel
    • Dr Mandy Johnstone