pint of science 2016

events coordinator of Edinburgh Pint of Science 2016

I was part of bringing Pint of Science to Edinburgh for the first time :)

Pint of Science aims to bring science to the public, in a “friendly environment”: the pub. It’s supposed to take away formal environments typically encountered in lectures and help people understand what groundbreakin research is being done in their city.

In 2016, I helped coordinate the Beautiful Mind Pint of Science event series which took place in the city cafe. Despite happening in Edinburgh for the first time, we experienced great interest in our event series and all nights were fully sold out.


  • The ageing brain: what’s normal, what’s not?
    • Dr Stuart Ritchie
  • Spaghetti brains and stem cells
    • Dr Veronique Miron, UoE
    • Dr Tilo Kunath
  • Brain plus technology: robo-limbs and cyber-brains
    • Dr Agamemnon Krasoulis
    • Dr Alex Doumas