lifestyle atlas (tirolgesund)

studying (multiomic) biomarker dynamics for personalised prevention

I’m co-leading the TirolGESUND (general exercise - smoking undone - nutrition & diet) study with Prof. Martin Widschwendter. The TirolGESUND Study forms the basis of a LIFESTYLE Atlas, aiming to provide comprehensive characterisation of molecular changes of biomarkers of aging and disease risk over the course of a preventive lifestyle intervention. Together with over 50 collaborators and team members, we investigated the effect of smoking cessation and intermittent fasting in a cohort of over 150 women. Before, throughout, and after the intervention, we assess age- and disease-related biomarkers and clinical changes in a multiomic approach.


The TirolGESUND study aims to elucidate further whether regular exercise, intermittent fasting, and/or smoking cessation can help to reduce age- and disease-related markers.

Analysis of the TirolGESUND study is ongoing and results are expected in 2023. We are also preparing a data portal to facilitate reuse of the exciting study data.