Team members for science communication festival Pint of Science wanted :beer: :microscope:

The Pint of Science sci-comm festival was invented in the UK with the aim to bring scientists together with the lay public in a relaxed environment - the pub - to talk about their current research. It’s coming to Innsbruck for three evenings in May 2022.

Topics include:

  • Atoms to galaxies: Physics
  • Tech me out: Tech, biotech, maths, engineering
  • Our body: Life sciences and medicine
  • Our society: Social sciences, ethics, law, philosophy
  • Planet earth: Geosciences, ecology, climate research, biology, and
  • Beautiful mind: Neuroscience, psychology.

There is also a cross-over between are and science called Creative reactions.

Scicomm is a valuable aspect of research as it helps to educate the public and may take away any irrational fears of science (i.e. “Oh, scientists are not just cold-hearted geniuses, they’re actually people like you and me?”). Pint of Science is a great opportunity for students and early career researchers to participate in educating the public and obtain extracurricular skills without investing large amounts of time. It also offers scientists the opportunity to more broadly promote their research.

Interested? We’re looking for team members from all areas of science (and arts) to recruit a diverse team and organise fantastic events in the abovementioned categories.


  • Team coordinator: Are you a natural leader? Take charge and lead a team in one of the above categories to create up to three fascinating evenings.
  • Organisers: Help the team coordinator to plan events, contact potential speakers, and organising locations
  • Speakers: Not so keen on organising, but love to talk about your science? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll try and get you a speaker slot.

We’re closely working with other Pint of Science teams in Austria so other national aspects such as Pint of Science Austria treasury, funding, and social media will be up for grabs as well.

About me: Pint of Science city coordinator for Innsbruck, Chiara, helped to establish Pint of Science in Edinburgh (Scotland) during her PhD. There she learned about the importance and fun of sci-comm and now wants to bring the event to Innsbruck.

If you’re interested, please sign up here or get in touch via chiara.herzog (at) or twitter (@chiara_herzog). I’ll get you added to our Slack channel and invite you to our first meeting in December. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.